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Farming Giant Keygen and Crack

Giant series of economic policies (such as Industry Giant, Hotel Giant) its roots in the mid-90s Financial problems of JoWooD Entertainment made the right to brand the company acquired UIG Entertainment. The new owner decided to designate the new directions of the cycle, as exemplified by the Farming Giant.
The player takes on the role of a farmer, and his task is to build from scratch a company that would become one of the world food market giants. The way to achieve this goal, however, is far away, and the entrepreneur will face many difficult challenges we must face.

  • Tremendous game world with farming areas all over Europe
  • Exciting scenarios with varying tasks
  • Four different playing modes for long lasting fun
  • From growing to breeding many economy circulations are provided
  • Many possibilities of management, from seeds to distribution everything can be decided individually
  • Extensive vehicle fleet with machines from renowned manufacturers.

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Farming Giant

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