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Dragon Vale  Cheat – Trainer

Dragonvale hack tool is finally here. Now you can get allot more gems, but also you can generate some additional gold and treats. Please watch this video below and learn how Everything Works! Dragonvale hack tool have nice and simple interface and everybody can use it. It’s as Simple as One, Two, Three! This won’t even require you to be jailbroken and best of all this is free tool. If someone didn’t know dragonvale is simulation game, created for iOS platform you can download it for free from the apple store, and you can play it on your Iphone, ipad or Ipod . Enjoy!

About Dragon Vale

Dragonvale is easy enough to get started as a casual gamer to play, but it can be a frustrating game due to the amount of time it can take to obtain enough gems. Luckily there are some short cuts, some cheats and a few great hacks out there now. One such hack is the original Dragonvale Hack now updated to get around the recent updates. This hack can boost the number of gems a player has by means of a quite clever man in the middle style attack. It runs on a PC connected to the same network as the device playing Dragonvale and intercepts communications before they reach the internet.

The game itself still remains addictive enough even if you cheat a little to help. I just makes it a little easier to get your essentials necessary to raise your dragon such as food, gems and coins. Many other cheats have been created in addition for the game. Mainly the others are ways of obtaining free items from the store. Something that should be avoided if you wish to continue to enjoy the game

Dragon Vale  Options

  • Cheat Free Cash Money(Unlimited 999,999)
  • DragonVale Gems Hack(Updated, 999,999 Instant)
  • Get Unlimited Treats Cheat Engine For Dragonvale(Delayed)
  • Xp Level Upgrade(Delayed)
  • Proxy Support(Anti-Ban/Supports Class A,B,C Proxies)
  • Proxy Scraper(Easily Scrape Fresh Proxies to use with the hack)
  • Auto Update Feature(Prompted if newer version is available)

Dragon Vale

(Trainer Hack Tool)

rWJoz DragonVale Hack (Trainer Hack Tool)

BmFXQ DragonVale Hack (Trainer Hack Tool)

Name: Dragon Vale Cheat
Size: 2.48 MB
Price: Free for Limited Time
Total Downloads: 1,347
Download: Last week: 194
Rating: starssf DragonVale Hack (Trainer Hack Tool)

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okgif DragonVale Hack (Trainer Hack Tool)  Add Coins

okgif DragonVale Hack (Trainer Hack Tool)  Add Treats

okgif DragonVale Hack (Trainer Hack Tool)  Auto Facebook Connect

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53921203 DragonVale Hack (Trainer Hack Tool)

Tutorial How to Use Facebook Dragon Vale Hack Tool

1. Login with your Facebook account.
2. Start the Dragon Vale Hack Tool. (No need to download Cheat Engine, already binded with the Hack Tool)
3. Edit the values.
4. Choose and turn on from the Hack Tool features.
5. Click on Start Hack.
6. Visit Dragon Vale Facebook game app.

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