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Coasterville Trainer

Zynga Coasterville Hack for Facebook. It generates Park Cash, Park Coins and Zynga Coasterville Energy

What is the CoasterVille ?

Coastervilla is the latest game from Zynga’s Los Angeles development team, which also produced the popular Empires & Allies. Players are tasked with building the ultimate amusement park including laying out roller coasters which, to get real for a second, sounds almost exactly like Theme Park.

You know the dream well: To build your own theme park with only the coolest, craziest coasters and most delicious desserts. Sure, you could live out this pipe dream on your Mac or PC, but could you do that for free on Facebook? Not until now, thanks to CoasterVille, the newest social game from Zynga.

As CoasterVille general manager Amir Rahimi shows us the ropes of building roller coasters for the lively, adorable park goers, he tells us that CoasterVille has been an idea since Zynga Los Angeles (his stomping grounds) launched Empires & Allies hit Facebook over a year ago. Frankly, if you’ve ever played Roller Coaster Tycoon, you’ll feel right at home in CoasterVille. Maybe it’s too familiar at times, with an intuitive coaster-building system and customers that react directly to your park designs.

CoasterVille Options Hack

  • Generating Park Cash (unlimited)
  • Generating Park Coins (unlimited)
  • Generating Energy (unlimited)
  • Auto Accept – Neighbor requests and Gifts
  • Exp. Booster – for faster leveling
  • Pop. Boost for higher Park Rankings (happier visitors)

Coasterville Cheat (Trainer)

Coasterville cheats

Statistics about game

Name: CoasterVille Hack
Version: New
Size: 5.12 MB
Price: Free for Limited Time
Total Downloads: 1,587
Download: Last week: 257
Rating: degree

ok  Add Energy

ok  Add Park Cash

ok Add Park Coins


Download Hack

Free DownloadHow to use CoasterVille Tool :

1. Download the hack tool and enter it. Go to settings tab (check screenshot) and add your Facebook Account ID
2. Click on the Login Button and wait until you receive a confirmation message.
3. Select the number of resources you want to add to the application and also the extra options you want to include.
4. Click Activate Hack Button and wait until you receive a message.
5. Refresh your browser and see the changes.

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