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Bad Piggies is almost irritatingly accessible as well. If you’ve played a physics game (or a contraption building game) before, you’ll likely already have a firm grasp of the concepts required to succeed in Bad Piggies. Quite a few of the early levels are mind-numbingly basic as the game teaches the player concepts such as attaching a balloon to things will make them float. These levels feel dull, until you realize how the three star system works.

The Angry Birds have been entertaining us for a few years now. The amount of downloads that these games have had is absolutely staggering and its even more crazy when you consider the vast amount of merchandise these games have produced.

We have seen these birds strut there stuff in Rio. Wreck havoc through various seasons, they have even gone to the very reaches of outer space.  Despite so many games in such a short space of time I think that Rovio have done a great job of making this game still fun to play. It is just so simple yet it can be fiendishly difficult at the same time. It really is a delicate balance and this game manages it perfectly. I know many “hardcore” gamers look down there noses at Angry Birds, but at the end of the day it is a very fun game that can be cool as a quick pick up and play for five minutes or for a good long gaming session on the train.

The big question for many people is what can Angry Birds do to keep things fresh. While Angry Birds in Space did have some really cool and fun new elements. Many people still wondered what next. Well the guys and gals at Rovio have given us our answer. We control the Pigs !!!! Of course the last game Angry Birds Green Day did give the pigs some real attention, but this time they are well and truly going to be in the spotlight.



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