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Army Attack - Facebook Cheat

Informations about game

Army Attack is a game that’s about territory. It’s a military strategy game where you first have to find and conquer new land, before constantly defending it against a seemingly never ending supply of enemy forces. It has the looks and basic gameplay of the popular Advance Wars series from Nintendo, but because it takes place in a persistent world it feels much different, and is a great fit on Facebook.

Army Attack Cheat Tool PRO

Army Attack - Facebook Hack Generator


Statistics about game

Name: Army Attack Cheat Tool PRO
Version: Pro
Size: 1.34 MB
Price: Free for Limited Time
Total Downloads: 1,747
Download: Last week: 294
Rating: degree



ok  Special forces drops.

ok  Collection hack.

ok  EXP hack.

ok  Speedhack (This results in lag if you have a slow computer)

Tutorial on how to use:

1. Download required file here: Army Attack Ultimate Cheat and Hacks.  Extract the file „army_config_base.json” using winRAR to the desktop.
2. Open Fiddler. Get it here if you don’t have one: Fiddler Installer
3. Drag the file „army_config_base.json” into Fiddler AutoResponder
4. Make sure „Enable auto..” and „Permit pass…” are both ticked
5. Just enter Army Attack. Play it now
6. Then dominate the game!

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